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Ferndale Dog of the Day, Honey!

Name: Honey

Age: 2 years old

Breed: Lab/Pit mix

BFF: Jessica, one of our boarding staff members

Fun fact: Besides the fact that she’s sooooo cute? Honey is a fast runner, who loves to do zoomies around the play yard. She loves to sit on top of the castle, like she’s the queen! She’s as sweet as honey and it’s always a treat to have her here!

Detroit Dog of the Day is, Kane B!

Name: Kane

Age: 1

Breed: Pit Mix

Daycare Buddies: While Kane has many doggo friends (like Yoshi, and Duke) we like to think of the handlers as his best friends because WE LOVE BABY KANE!

Fun Fact: Baby Kane loves to hang out with the big boys! His good pal Duke is our biggest great dane in daycare, while Baby Kane is one of our tiniest pitties. Baby Kane for president.