Detroit Dog of the Day, Bella E.!

bellaName: Bella

Age: 4 years

Breed: Chihuahua

Daycare Buddies: Marty, Lola and Mindy

Fun Fact: Bella has been coming here for years! She’s the resident den-mother in the small dog area – she has no problem correcting puppies when they get too playful! But she also knows how to be a real sweetie :)

Detroit Dog of the Day, Achilles!

AchillesName: Achilles

Age: 1 year

Breed: Shep Mix

Daycare Buddies: Ivan, Dexter, Honey, Bruce Wayne, and Wrigley

Fun Fact: Good thing we don’t have any dogs here named Hector…Much like the Ancient Greeks, Achilles loves to wrestle – he also loves to run and play chase – watch out! Achilles is right on your heels!

Detroit Dog of the Day, Agnes!

agnesName: Agnes

Age: Almost 6 months!

Breed: Boxer mix

Daycare Buddies: Sixsmith, Ralphie, Hobbes

Fun Fact: Watch out Arnold Schwarzenegger! This chick is one touch broad and has been, on at least 1 occasion, compared to a body builder! She’s working those muscles!

Detroit Dog of the Day, Luna M!

lunaName: Luna

Age: 4 months

Breed: German Shep

Daycare Buddies: Porter, Nola, Konrad and Marvin

Fun Fact: Luna loves to play chase and can be found having the most fun outside with her larger-sized buddies! At only 4 months, she can hang with the big dogs!