Ferndale Dogs of the Day, Finn and Riley!

Name: Finn and Riley T.

Breed: Pit Bull Mix and Shepherd Mix

Age: 4 years and 7 years

Daycare Buddies: This dynamic duo loves to play together! Finn’s favorite handlers are AJ, Kaitlyn and all of the pack leaders here! Riley has been loving hanging out with pack leader Taylor today!

Fun Fact: They are the cutest brothers! Their nicknames are Riley Roo and Finny Finny Finnster! Finn is so sweet and when Riley comes out of his shell he will be your best friend.

Ferndale Dog of the Day, Charlie!

Name: Charlie T.

Breed: Husky Mix

Age: 4 years

Daycare Buddies: Charlie is a social butterfly! She is super friendly, and has been having a blast playing with Flint today! She’s so affectionate and absolutely adores all the handlers here at Canine to Five!!

Fun Fact: Charlie loves making the cutest howling noises, and standing on her back legs!

Canine To Five’s Drinking With Dogs – Northern Lights, May 2017

We had a blast at the season kickoff of Canine To Five’s Drinking With Dogs, at Northern Lights. Thanks so much to everyone who joined us! Check out event photos here.

We’ve got a bunch of upcoming events this summer – all listed on our Events Calendar.

From bar nights to pack walks along the Riverwalk and the Dequindre Cut, we’ll be out and about having fun with our dogs all summer long.

Planning a vacation this summer?  See what our customers like about Canine To Five, and please consider us for your dog boarding needs!

Ferndale Dog of the Day, Duncan R!

Name: Duncan R.

Breed: Golden Retriever

Age: 3 1/2 years

Daycare Buddies: Gibson and Marla; he pretty much gets along with everyone! He also loves Pack Leader Sarah

Fun Fact: Duncan is kind of perfect. He’s super chill and loves to relax, but he also loves playing really nice with pretty much everyone. He gives his human friends great hugs. If Duncan was a guy, he’d be the perfect guy to take home and meet your parents.

Detroit Dog Of The Day, Dutchess!

Name: Dutchess

Breed: English Bulldog

Age: Almost 2 whole years old!

Daycare Buddies: Her big bro Tank, Rikki, Jess, Mabel, Ray Charles

Fun Facts: Even though Dutchess is technically a bullfrog we still had to make her Dog Of The Day because she is so darn cute! She hops around like a little froggy all day while her big bro watches over her silly shenanigans (See Tank in the background of the photo). He knows she’s weird and he loves her just like we do. WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH LITTLE FROGGY <3

Ferndale Dog of the Day, Murray!

Name: Murray

Age: 2 years

Breed: Newfoundland

Daycare Buddies: Alllllll the Handlers!

Fun Fact: It’s no surprise that Murray loooovvvves the pool! His favorite time of the day is cuddle time with his BFFs the handlers because of all the loving pets he gets. Murray is a big, huge, ball of fur who we adore to bits! <33