Ferndale Dog Of The Day, Capone P!

DSCF2168Name: Capone B.

Breed: Rottweiler

Age: 4 Months

Daycare Buddies: Sadie F., Jack W., and Maddux

Fun Fact: Capone is a new addition to our family, but all the girls here already have crushes on him. He is such a cutey! He is very good at the command “sit”. He was a little timid when he first came in, but now he shows everyone his great personality.

Daycare Reservations Required Beginning Nov. 24

We understand that finding the right pet care center for your four-legged family member is an important decision and we are thrilled to have your dog as a valued member of our Daycare pack.

On Monday, November 24, Canine to Five Ferndale will implement our new Daycare Reservation system as part of our ongoing commitment to provide pets with the safest environment for safety and play. A Daycare Reservation will be required each dog prior to arrival. Boarding will work as it always has – when you make a Boarding Reservation you’re also reserving your dog’s spot in daycare those days.

For your convenience, you will have the option of making either a Standing Reservation, or a Daily Reservation.

I. Standing Reservations
If your dog currently attends Daycare on specific days of the week or month, you may be interested in making a standing reservation for those specific dates. All you’ll need to do is purchase a Daycare Package and let us know which days you want to reserve. We’ll schedule your pet for the requested future dates, for the number of days included in your package. When you’re ready to purchase another package, we’ll extend your reservation the number of days in your new package. If you wish to change your selected day(s), please provide advance notice, and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Canceling a Day of a Standing Reservation
If you need to cancel a specific day of a standing reservation, we ask that you notify us by phone or you can email us at ctfferndale@gmail.com. Cancellations require at least 24 hours notice prior to the scheduled day to avoid being charged for that day. This will allow us to open up your spot to another pack member who may be waiting for an opening on that day, and you’ll be able to keep that day as part of your package.

This Standing Reservation option is only available with the purchase of a Daycare Package.

II. Daily Reservations
If you prefer a more flexible Daycare schedule, you may take advantage of 3 options provided below for making a daily reservation. Daily reservations will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.

1) Submit an Online Reservation Request

For your convenience, we have created an online reservation request form for Daycare Reservations on our website. Just visit our Daycare Reservation Page and submit your reservation request online. You will receive either an email or phone call regarding availability and/or confirmation. Please read the email carefully as it will state whether we’re able to accommodate your request.

2) Call Us! – 248-556-5675

You may call Canine To Five 24 hours in advance of the date you would like to schedule, in order to check availability and make a reservation.

3) Email Us! ctfferndale@gmail.cm

You may send us an email at ctfferndale@gmail.com with a request for a reservation.  Please include your name, the dog’s name, the requested date, a phone number and the best way to reach you. Please Note:

Please note that reservations are not confirmed until you have spoken with a CANINE TO FIVE staff member or received an email confirmation from CANINE TO FIVE.

Requests for multiple reservations will only be accepted with the purchase of a Daycare package or prepayment for the selected days at the daily rate.

We are unable to accept reservation requests via social media, as we cannot guarantee they will be read with adequate time to respond.
  • Puppy Program Pricing
  • Daily Rate:                       $27 per day
  • Half Day:                         $17.50 (5 hours or less)
  • 5 Day Package $125 ($25 per day)
  • 10 Day Package $240 ($24 per day)
  • 20 Day Package $460 ($23 per day)

Daycare packages may not be used for Half Day’s of Daycare.

Thanks to each of you for allowing us to care for your 4 legged family member.

Best Wishes and Dog Kisses,
Your Friends at Canine To Five Ferndale