Ferndale Dogs of the Day, George & Gidget!

img_0963Names: George & Gidget

Age: George is 3 years old and Gidget is 10

Breed: George is an unknown mix and Gidget is a Cairn terrier

Daycare Buddies: Each other!

Fun fact: George and Gidget are hilarious! George absolutely loves to play fetch… Ok, maybe not so much fetch but he loves running after a ball and then not giving it back! Gidget loves butt scratches! We love you silly pups!

Ferndale Dog of the Day, Harriet!

file_000Name: Harriet

Breed: Labradoodle

Age: 11 months

Daycare Buddies: All the Pack Leaders, Izzy B, Casper, and Ava M

Fun Fact: Harriet’s hobbies include going to baseball games and wineries. She’s really sweet, loves attention, and amazes us every day. Harriet is blind but you’d never guess, because she’s just so happy and confident!

It’s First Aid Time!


Pack Leader Ashley learns how to take a “wrist” pulse.


Playroom Supervisor Ena checks gum coloring. Looking good, Gage!


Our team listening in on performing CPR.

                                                          On Sunday, October 16 2016, the Canine to Five staff participated in a first aid class lead by the amazing Felicia Asher LVT, KPA – CTPT and her demo dog, Gage.

Our entire staff participates in this continuing education to ensure the highest possible standard of safety for all animals in our care. We firmly believe the betterment of our staff directly leads to the betterment of our pack as a whole.

Felicia took the time to go over many aspects of canine first aid, including taking pulse and heart rate, CPR, and the Heimlich. Our team was given the opportunity to practice what we learned on Gage to ensure learned techniques can be put into practice in all aspects of Canine to Five Detroit and Ferndale.


Thank you Felicia and Gage, for holding such a great class!


The entire October 2016 Canine to Five first aid class with Gage!