Ferndale Dog Of The Day, Sadie F.

DSCF0144 Name:  Sadie F

Breed: Shepherd Mix

Age: 1 year

Daycare Buddies:  Adonis, Sydney, Millie all her usual girlfriends

Fun Fact: It’s Sadie’s first DSCF0136day back after having a little tail surgery and she couldn’t be happier! We thought she might be a little tired on her first day back but she is playing and loving life today. We’re so glad she’s back!

Ferndale Dog Of The Day is Jedi!

image13Name:  Jedi

Breed:  Pit/Lab/Rat Terrier

Age: 1 year

Daycare Buddies: Lily, Kona, and Handlers

Fun Fact:  Jedi (in addition to being a mighty Sith lord) is a very sweet dog. He loves hanging out with the handlers, playing in the pool and playing with his daycare friends! He also gives good face for the camera, how photogenic!

Ferndale Dog The Day, Jax P.

jax dotd deleteName: Jax

Breed: Lab mix

Age: 4 months

Daycare Buddies:  Jordi, Orbach, Nemo and his favorite cuddle buddy Max the great dane puppy

Fun Fact: Jax is such a lover, he is a big fan of cuddling and loves to play with all of his new puppy friends. He is the best wrestler and so well behaved.

Another fun fact about this little guy is he cannot seem to keep his tongue in his mouth. He always ALWAYS sleeps with it sticking out and when he wakes up he doesn’t even realize it’s hanging out so he just walks around like that. It is the cutest thing ever.

Ferndale Dog Of The Day is Mia!

DSCF8935[1]Name:  Mia C.

Breed: Border Collie

Age:  7 months

Daycare Buddies:  Maddux, Cleo, and Louie.

Fun Facts:  Mia is a very sweet, energetic, and playful girl. As you can see, she has the cutest spotted nose you ever did see. And she loves to give everyone kisses!