Ferndale Dog Of The Day is Sierra Nevada!

DSCF0535Name:  Sierra Nevada

Breed: German Shepard

Age: 8 years

Daycare Buddies:  Pumpkin, Lucy, and Ellie

Fun Facts:  Sierra is a very good puppy! She has very balanced play and is good at playing with a lot of different kinds of dogs. She is energetic and playful. She is a silly girl and when she wants the handlers attention she gently nibbles on their pants. What a silly girl!

Ferndale Dog Of The Day is Uncle Morty!

DSCF0058Name:  Uncle Morty

Breed: American Bulldog

Age: 4 years

Daycare Buddies:  Bandit, Webster, and Stella

Fun Fact:  Uncle Morty is not only one of our biggest dogs but he is also has the biggest heart! He is a gentle giant and gets along with everyone. His favorite things to do at daycare is play on the pool and sprinkler and he especially LOVES playing with his blue ball.

Ferndale Dog Of The Day, Jackson S.

18533483293_a268f70074_oName:  Jackson S.

Breed: Lab/Border Collie Mix

Age: 4 months

Daycare Buddies:  Luna, Piper, Lucy B, and the handlers!

Fun Fact: Jackson is a super sweet baby girl. She loves attention from the handlers and loves to play with her little lab buddy Luna. She was super shy her first day but Luna helped her out of her shell a little and the handlers gave her tons of 19128033126_41d01091fe_oattention to ease her into the daycare ways as well. Ms. Jackson is a crazy little cuddle bug! Everyone loves her!

Ferndale Dog Of The Day is Lucy K!

IMG_5493Name:  Lucy K.

Breed: Pit Bull Mix

Age: 3 years

Daycare Buddies:  Rocket, Cash, and Melvin

Fun Fact:  She is a very sweet girl but we use to have to use behavioral tools to help properly direct her energy. But she is maturing into such a well behaved dog! We are very pleased by her improvement. She has really balanced play and is a great role model for other dogs.

Ferndale Dog Of The Day is Koda!

18588326674_ac6739c2f0_zName: Koda J.

Age: 9 months

Breed: Husky

Daycare Buddies: Aksel, Taya and Bodie.

Fun Fact:  Koda is a very good boy!  He plays really nice with all the dogs, he loves getting brushed (and as a shedding Husky, he gets lots of brushing) and he loves getting pets from everyone. He prefers the laying in the snow in winter but in the summer he likes to splash in the pool too.

Ferndale Dog Of The Day is Cooper S!

18994524570_8450a062f1_zName: Cooper S.

Breed: American Eskimo Dog

Age: 5 years

Daycare Buddies: Leia, Piper, and the Handlers

Fun Fact:  Cooper is a very good boy! He is chill and affectionate. He loves everyone! According to one of our handlers Cooper is her “very favorite old man!” We love having him here is daycare!