Ferndale Dog Of The Day- Indiana Jones!

DSCF6825Name: Indiana Jones M.

Breed: Mini Labradoodle

Age: 5 Months

Daycare Buddies: Lexie, Kira, Gilby, Bentley

Fun Fact:  When Indiana Jones first came to daycare he was shy and barked a lot, but since then he has come out of his shell. He likes having adventures with his friends and finding lost civilizations. He HATES snakes but loves finding treats in ancient temples.

Detroit Dog of the Day, Cassius!

DSCF7243Name: Cassius

Age: 1 and 9 months old

Breed: German Sheperd

Daycare Buddies: Charlie, Jetson, Kaily (fellow German Sheperd!) and his brother, Konrad

Fun Fact: Cassius and his brother Konrad dressed up like police officers for Halloween and won for best couple costume! Bad boys bad boys, whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when Cassius comes for you??!

Detroit Dog of the Day, Thor!

thorName: Thor

Age: 8 months

Breed: Rottweiler

Daycare buddies: Clyde, Azul and Chuck

Fun Fact: This dog’s favorite day of the week is Thursday! Haha…just a little mythological joke for you. But seriously, this dude is super chill but can play with the big dogs when he wants to get some energy out! What a fun pup!

Ferndale Dog Of The Day Zoe!

DSCF5770Name: Zoe H.

Breed: Norwegian Elkhound

Age: 5 months old

Daycare Buddies: Prince, Aksel, Freddie, and Zeke

Fun Fact: Zoe is a sweet puppy. She has lots of energy and loves playing with other puppies. Zoe is a beautiful Norwegian Elkhound. She looks up to our other Norwegian Elkhound Aksel like a big brother.