The Pup Cup – Week Two – In The Middle Of The Pack!

We’ve reached the halfway point of The Pup Cup and it is going great. The scores have been amazing and our teams are competing at a level seen only from advanced trainers. Our teams of dedicated handlers work hard to make your dog a better dog at the end of the day and the Pup Cup is an excellent way to show you their skills.

This week the dogs are sitting pretty for us in the Group Sit part of the games. It’s quite the involved process that includes both getting and keeping the dogs attention. The handler will call each dog over individually and then have the group sit for as long as they can. This is great for general obedience and developing good social skills among dogs.

Mariah nails it.

Mariah nails it.

Kameron has everyone's attention.

Kameron has everyone’s attention.






On to the scores.


  • Nicole- 10 dogs for 11 seconds
  • Alex-11 dogs for 9 seconds
  • Gillian-11 dogs for 11 seconds
  • Norlan-7 dogs for 5 seconds
  • Krista-10 dogs for 8 seconds
  • Pheonix-11 dogs for 10 seconds
  • Cullen-11 dogs for 10 seconds
  • Adrian-8 dogs for 10 seconds
  • Christina-15 dogs for 13 seconds


  • Nicole- 13 dogs for 3 seconds
  • Becca- 9 dogs for 3 seconds
  • Leah- 9 dogs for 3 seconds
  • Mariah- 13 dogs for 4 seconds
  • Chaz-10 dogs for 4 seconds
  • Logan- 7 dogs for 4 seconds
  • Shannon- 9 dogs for 3 seconds
  • Jason- 7 dogs for 4 seconds



The Pup Cup – Week One – The Starting Point!

It’s heating up in our playrooms this week and we’re ready to show you the results from week one. It was a great week as the handlers worked hard on recalls.


Newest Ferndale Pack Leader Chaz working hard on those recalls.


Becca calls them home in Ferndale.


Leah nails it every time.








Norlan is very good with the group sit.


Gillian getting her high group sit scores.







What are recalls? Our super tough handlers will call a group of dogs from more than 6 feet away. Dogs should respond within 3 seconds of being called and come over to the handler. We’ll then score them based on the percentage of dogs assigned to the handler that come to the handler.

It’s one of the most important lessons a dog can learn according to ASPCA. A well learned dog can enjoy certain freedoms with you other dogs cannot. Like being able to go on a hike or walk with your dog returning immediately when called. It’s just one of the many things we do here to keep your dog on his or her paws.

Look at these awesome scores.


  • Kameron 20 dogs assigned, 17 recalled  85%
  • Cullen 20 dogs assigned, 17 recalled  85%
  • Taylor 20 dogs assigned, 19 recalled 95%
  • Nicole 20 dogs assigned, 20 recalled 100%
  • Gillian 20 dogs assigned, 17 recalled 85%
  • Norlan 20 dogs assigned, 18 recalled 90%
  • Alex 20 dogs assigned, 19 recalled 95%
  • Krista 20 dogs assigned, 19 recalled 95%


  • Nicole – 20 dogs assigned, recalled 20 100%
  • Becca -15 dogs assigned, recalled 15 100%
  • Leah – 20 dogs assigned, recalled19 95%
  • Jason – 25 dogs assigned, recalled 24 96%
  • Mariah – 25 dogs assigned, recalled 25 100%
  • Chaz – 8 dogs assigned, recalled 8 100%
  • Logan – 20 dogs assigned, recalled 19 95%