Ferndale’s Dog Of The Day, Woody!

DSCF3424Name:  Woody T.

Breed: Bichon Frise

Age: 15 years

Daycare Buddies: Penelope (his sister), Bunky, Lola V.

Fun Fact: Woody is a good old boy. He is very friendly, chill and calm. Woody’s sister is Penelope a Great Dane and they are BEST friends! He is such a good big (or smaller) brother that Penelope doesn’t like to be separated from him, so they hang out together in the small dog area and play together. How cute is that?!

Ferndale Dog Of The Day, Capone P!

DSCF2168Name: Capone B.

Breed: Rottweiler

Age: 4 Months

Daycare Buddies: Sadie F., Jack W., and Maddux

Fun Fact: Capone is a new addition to our family, but all the girls here already have crushes on him. He is such a cutey! He is very good at the command “sit”. He was a little timid when he first came in, but now he shows everyone his great personality.