Detroit Dog of the Day, Sasha B.!

sashaName: Sasha

Age: 5 years

Breed: American Bulldog

Daycare Buddies: Bailey, Cooper, Max and Luna

Fun Fact: On Sasha’s first day at Canine to Five, she was TERRIFIED. But now she’s super comfortable here and has a blast! She’s got tons of friends and that under-bite melts the hearts of everyone she meets!

Our Manager Keeley Learns What It’s Like To Drop Off At Daycare!

Canine To Five Ferndale Manager Keeley, with her daughter Karly.

Canine To Five Ferndale Manager Keeley, with her daughter Karly.

Our Facility Manager Keeley just started taking her 3 year old daughter to daycare. Turns out there are a ton of similarities between the feelings you have when you drop off at dog daycare and when you drop off at childcare. Here’s Keeley on this topic:

I just started taking my daughter Karly to daycare and realized there are a lot of similarities when it comes to child daycare and dog daycare.  The first day I dropped her off I was nervous for her and wondered how she would do with the other kids, an unfamiliar place and unfamiliar people.  I wanted to call and check up on her but I decided I would just see how she did when I picked her up.  She did great and loved it so much that she had a fit and wanted to stay.

When it comes to dog daycare and especially for an owner who is bringing their dog to daycare for the first time, I now have a new outlook and can truly empathize with them.  Although I will have to admit I wish they had webcams at my daughter’s daycare, but for now I will just have to rely on her weekly journal and reports from the caregivers!

Supercute Karly

Supercute Karly

Detroit Dog of the Day, Reggie!

reggieName: Reggie

Age: Almost 1 year!

Breed: Ridgeback

Daycare Buddies: Ralphie, Mack, Nola and Bailey

Fun Fact: The Pack leaders like to call her “Ridge-ina” (think Regina, like from Mean Girls) because she’s so beautiful and is one of the most popular dogs in the play-yard!

Detroit Dog of the Day, Chloe B.!

chloeName: Chloe

Age: 7 months

Breed: Pomsky

Daycare Buddies: Lola, Gretl and Millie

Fun Fact: Chloe is our first Pomsky (pomeranian + husky mix) – she has inspired MANY (if not all) employees to Google-search “Pomsky” and IMMEDIATELY fall in love with their adorable faces! Seriously, she’s amongst the cutest dogs on the planet!