Ferndale Dog of the Day, Tinkerbell A!

20161208_133021 20161208_133024Name: Bella (Tinkerbell) A.

Breed: Golden/Border Collie Mix

Age: 3 years

Daycare Buddies: Bella loves the staff, especially Pack Leader Alyssa!

Fun Fact: Bella has always struggled with anxiety and our handlers have always done our best to help her enjoy daycare. Today we made a breakthrough and really figured out something she loves other then affection… our largest playscape!  Tinkerbell being able to go on the plascape allows her to see all of our facility along with outside and it helps her to feel comfortable and safe.  We are so proud we are finding things that help her feel more comfortable and this is all huge step for her!


Ferndale Dog of the Day, Rocky S!


Name: Rocky S

Age: 1.5 years

Breed: Shiba Inu

Daycare buddies: Gambit, Cooper H, Pepper

Fun facts: He may be little but he can hang with the big dogs! He has the goofiest play style, and he’s so fun to watch. Rocky had an awesome day in daycare today and we’re so glad we had this little man here to make us laugh!

Ferndale Dog of the Day, Ares!

Name: Ares

Breed: Husky

Age: 11 years

Daycare Buddies: All the front desk ladies, and Biscuit!

Fun Fact: Ares is one of our gorgeous Senior Lounge dogs! He’s a super sweet guy who loves cuddling up with his other senior friends for a nap, and getting attention from all the flirty girls up at the front desk.