Ferndale Dog of the Day, Barley!

DSCF7124 DSCF7125Name: Barley H

Breed: Australian Kelpie

Age: 5 years

Daycare Buddies: Cooper, Atlas, Porter, and Pavel

Fun Fact: Barley is one of the cutest, sweetest dogs in our pack. He loves playing with everyone, and makes friends really easily. Plus, he has the cutest face, and is just down for anything. We all love hanging with this handsome dude!

Ferndale Dog of the Day, Luke S!

DSCF6112Name: Luke S

Breed: Dalmation

Age: 1 year

Daycare Buddies: CJ, Gracie H, River S, Orbach

Fun Fact: Luke is the cutest guy ever! He’s really sweet and loves to play. He gets along with almost anyone, and loves making new friends. And he makes the best little grunting noises when he gets excited that can brighten anyone’s day!

Ferndale Dog of the Day, Cookie!

Cookie1Name: Cookie

Breed: Pit Bull Mix

Age: 1 year old

Daycare buddies: AJ, one of our handlers. Cookie is AJ’s favorite dog!

Fun fact: Cookie thinks she is a lap dog and loves to cuddle. She loves to play fetch… Well, kind of. She chases the ball and picks it up but then drops it and comes back to you with the BIGGEST smile! Yay, Cookie!!!