Ferndale Dogs Of The Day, Luna & Ruby!

DSCF7332Name: Luna Lovegood & Ruby W.

Age: Luna is 1 year old & Ruby is 2 years old

Breed: Luna is a Poodle Mix & Ruby is a Schnauzer Mix

Daycare Buddies: Lucy S, Chloe C, and Krum

Fun Fact:  Luna and Ruby are not only sisters but are also the best of friends! They love to play with each other and cuddle. They were a little shy when they first started to come to daycare, but know they are very comfortable in the pack. We love having them in daycare!

Detroit Dog of the Day, Hope P.!

048Name: Hope

Age: 2 years

Breed: Terrier mix

Daycare Buddies: She LOVES to hang out with (and subsequently pick on) her sister, Rio!

Fun Fact: Hope comes to daycare with her sister Rio, and although she needs to wear a protective shirt while outside, she loves to run around outdoors and play on the playscape!

Ferndale Dog Of The Day, Tunia!

DSCF6418Name: Tunia

Age: 4 months

Breed: Australian Cattle Dog

Daycare Buddies: She love play with the other shepherding breeds

Fun Fact:  Tunia is a delightful addition to our pack! She is very sweet and affectionate to the handlers. And she plays very well with all the other dogs and puppies. She loves giving kisses and she has stolen all of our hearts!