Ferndale Dogs of the Day, Darla and Juniper!

Names: Darla and Juniper

Breeds: Darla is a Beagle/Muppet mix, and Juniper is a Lab mix

Ages: Darla is 1 1/2 years, Juniper is almost 2!

Daycare Buddies: These two love to play together, and also hang out with Rossi Sixsmith, and CJ

Fun Fact: These two lovely ladies are both a little shy sometimes, but today they had a BLAST hanging out together! They helped each other come out of their shells so much, it was amazing! Juniper is huge into laying in front of the fans, and Darla is really good at making friends and being a calming influence.

Detroit Dog Of The Day, Stoli!

Name: Stoli

Breed: Pit mix

Age: 10 years old

Daycare Buddies: Chewy, Chicken Lola and Stoney

Fun Fact: Can you believe this beautiful airborne pooch is 10 years old!? We can’t! This girl is full of energy and sass. She loves to chill with her bro, Chewy and play in the hose! They both go HAM for the hose. It’s their #1 fav. activity…obviously. <3