Ferndale Dog Of The Day is Piper M!

20227756834_e6b11d908b_kName: Piper M. (pictured with her best friend Jack W.)

Breed: Lab Mix

Age: 1 year

Daycare Buddies:  Jack, Finley, and Millie.

Fun Facts:  Piper is a very good girl. She is very energetic and social, but she plays well with everyone and she listens very well. We love having her at daycare!

Ferndale Dog Of The Day, Casper!

DSCF5870Name: Casper

Age: 4 years

Breed: great Pyrenees mix

Daycare Buddies: Anyone that will chill with him. He’s just a big friendly fluff ball

Fun Fact: What more is there to say about Casper other than that he is just absolutely beautiful and so loving. We are so glad that he had a sleep over with us the past couple of days. We’re gonna miss this guy when it’s time for him to go home <3

Ferndale Dog Of The Day, Duke T.

DSCF5505Name: Duke T.

Age: 1 year

Breed: Shep mix

Daycare Buddies: Everyone!

Fun Fact: Everyone loves Duke! He is such a fun guy and LOVES to play with all his friends in daycare. He may be crazy playful at times but he still will always calm down a little to get some love from the handlers here. <3

Detroit Dog of the Day, Jasper O.!

DSCF5503Name: Jasper

Age: 2 years

Breed: Pointer Mix

Daycare Buddies: George, Baxter and Bailey

Fun Fact: Jasper has a pretty weird nick-name – he’s called, “Ham” by some of the pack leaders! Why, you might ask, is he called Ham? Well his tail is super short, making his rear-end look like it belongs on a hampster! What an awesome feature to have!

Ferndale Dog Of The Day is Sybil!

20525472468_3c2590e32c_kName:  Sybil

Age:  4 months

Breed:  Terrier Mix

Daycare Buddies:  Rose, Dean, and Bentley.

Fun Fact:  Sybil is such a nice girl.  She was a little shy when she first came, but she is showing her personality more and we love it! Today she discovered that the pool is a great place to play at daycare.

Detroit Dog of the Day, Baxter D.!

baxyterName: Baxter D.

Age: ~11 months

Breed: Terrier Mix

Daycare Buddies: Louie, Paisley and Daisy

Fun Fact: Although it may look like it, Baxter does NOT just make friends with names that end in an “ee” sound! He is a super chill dude who can handle himself like a true gentleman (until he’s getting a nail trim :) )