Detroit Dog of the Day, Nadia!

DSCF8024Name: Nadia S.

Breed: Shi Poo

Age: 4

Daycare Buddies: Scarlett, Bailey, Goldy and all members of the Canine to Five human staff.

Fun Fact: Nadia is one of our special helpers – she often sneaks up front to hang with the customer service superstars and helps us with various tasks. Plus, she’s great to cuddle with during break time!

The Pup Cup – Week Three – Stop At The Boundary!

Here we are with the final set of scores for week three. We’ll announce the winners next week, but lets take a look at the final week where our dedicated handlers worked on Gate Boundaries.

Gabby Preps For Gate Bondaries

Gabby Preps for gate boundaries.






What are Gate Boundaries? Every dog at both locations knows the gate can only mean one thing. It’s time for the parents to take them home. While all the dogs love daycare, they also love their owners and are excited so they head to the gate. That’s where our awesome handlers come in.  While one handler is letting Rex out to go home, another will use body blocking and commands to keep spike and his friends away from the gate. It’s quite a difficult skill to master, but our teams are excellent at it.

We asked handler Gabby from Ferndale why we do gate boundaries? “We do them to teach dogs respect about space and obedience. It helps to keep them from crowding the gate and other dogs spaces, it also stops dogs from having a tiff at the gate.”

Check out the scores! Scoring is based on how many dogs are held at the gate with the gate held fully open and everyone did fantastic work.


  • Nicole – 16 dogs at the gate and held.
  • Leah – 12 Dogs at the gate and held.
  • Becca – 11 dogs at the gate and held.
  • Mariah – 17 dogs at the gate and held.
  • Jason – 10 dogs at the gate and held.
  • Chaz – 10 dogs at the gate and held
  • Logan – 6 dogs at the gate and held.


  • Norlan – 24 dogs at the gate and held.
  • Gillian – 17 dogs at the gate and held.
  • Kameron – 15 dogs at the gate and held.
  • Krista – 19 dogs at the gate and held.