Detroit Dog of the Day, Chloe B.!

chloeName: Chloe

Age: 7 months

Breed: Pomsky

Daycare Buddies: Lola, Gretl and Millie

Fun Fact: Chloe is our first Pomsky (pomeranian + husky mix) – she has inspired MANY (if not all) employees to Google-search “Pomsky” and IMMEDIATELY fall in love with their adorable faces! Seriously, she’s amongst the cutest dogs on the planet!

Ferndale Dog Of The Day is Woodson!

DSCF9021Name:  Woodson

Age: 2 years

Breed: Jack Russell Terrier

Daycare Buddies:  Rigley, Ray, Sozay, and Kaiser

Fun Fact:  Woodson is having a really nice vacation! Even though he is a small dog he really enjoys hanging out with the big dogs. He has been so well behaved, we love having him here for a visit!

Detroit Dog of the Day, Marty!

DSCF5813Name: Marty

Age: 11 years

Breed: Pekingese Mix

Daycare Buddies: Lola, Bailey Marie, Bella and Maggie

Fun Fact: Marty has a little case of hip-displasia, it might slow him down just a smidge, but he can still keep up with the puppies! He loves to watch them play and even joins in! He’s the definition of a young soul.

Ferndale Dog Of The Day is Coco O!

DSCF8265Name:  Coco O.

Breed: Chihuahua

Age:  1 year

Daycare Buddies: Kasey, Leia, Jasper and Bailey F.

Fun Fact: Coco may be small but she can hang with all the big guys too. She likes to switch it up and go from the small dog area to the bigger dog area to hang with her pal Kasey the husky.

Ferndale Dog Of The Day is Fergie!

17041491306_8660da2bf5_k (2)Name:  Fergie C.

Breed: Shepherd Mix

Age:  4 years

Daycare Buddies:  Blitz, Oreo, and Maizey L.

Fun Fact:  Fergie has been coming to Ferndale for as long as we have been open. She is a sweet girl who is really good at sitting nicely for the handlers when she wants attention. Over the years she has learned good playroom behavior and she has been really good at playing well with other dogs.