Detroit Dog Of The Day, Ernest

Canine to Five Detroit ErnestName: Ernest

Age: 13 years old!

Breed: Cocker Spaniel

Daycare Buddies: All these little dogs! And Juno!

Fun Fact: What Beegee does Ernest look like? We can’t decide. Some say Barry Manilow…

Tell us what you think about this beautiful angel with his lovely feathered hair because we are all just in love with this forever young hunk of doggo.

Canine To Five Pack Leaders Learn To Run A Safer Dog Daycare

One of our Canine To Five Core Values is “We Are Safe”.

Safety means being an expert on dog body language and what’s going on in our group of dogs. We are fortunate to have been working with Katelin Thomas, owner of K9 Turbo Training, for the last few months. Katelin is helping our team recognize the signals the dogs are giving us each day in daycare, in order to make it a better place for both the dogs, and the humans who care for them every day.

The Canine To Five Team learns more about safe dog play.

This afternoon, Katelin and her colleague Kate Wilson presented a Canine Body Language seminar to the Canine To Five Team.  We learned about healthy play and interaction, we learned what dogs are telling us with their ears, eyes and tails, and we learned how to be better Pack Leaders in our day to day jobs, by recognizing what the dogs are saying with their non-verbal communications.

We asked some of our team members what they thought of the seminar.

“We have come so far as Pack Leaders, and with each seminar we attend we learn things to help us become better leaders, spread more knowledge to dog owners, and help more dogs reach a healthy state of mind” Nehkole, Playroom Supervisor

Every part of the dog is telling you something!

Very insightful. Good to illustrate the differences between how humans and dogs interact” John, Pack Leader

“It was informative to see how play and anxiety behaviors translate in the grooming environment” Holly, Groomer

Our Ferndale Pack Leaders – eager to learn!

“I liked the terms satellite barking and jaw sparring. The video examples were really helpful” Gerrett, Pack Leader

As with most Canine To Five events, there was food!

“It’s pretty great that we were given tools to keep dogs safe and to encourage healthy interactions between the dogs.” Claire, Pack Leader

Our Ferndale boarding superstars.

Thanks to our friends at The Elizabeth Theater, The Park Bark, and Gogos, for the great space to learn, and the delicious lunch.

Detroit Dog Of The Day, Betty White!

Name: Betty White

Breed: dalmatian mix

Age: 1 year old

Daycare Buddies: Betty White (OG pit mix) and Berkley

Fun Fact: Betty White is too cute. She’s a bouncy, playful babe that just wants to roughhouse with her twin friends Betty White (OG) and Berkley. Also super fun fact, this girly is deaf and is almost a pro with sign language. <3