Ferndale Dog Of The Day is Beau!

DSCF5813Name: Beau R.

Breed:  Shetland Sheepdog

Age:  8 months

Daycare Buddies:  Bug, Emma, and Betsy Lou

Fun Fact:  Beau is a very good pup! He always plays really well with all the other puppies. It is really cute watching him and his friends crawl all over each other and wrestle. And as you can see, he loves splashing in the pool!

Ferndale Dog Of The Day, Paddington!

DSCF5466Name:  Paddington

Breed:  Corgi

Age: 2 years

Daycare Buddies:  Sydney, Frankie, Lola, he loves the big dogs and the small dogs

Fun Fact: Mr.Paddington is the best example of a corgi. He has the cutest little nubby tail on his cute fluffy butt and has a perfect waddle when he walks. He’s just all around perfect!

Detroit Dog of the Day, Marvin M.!

DSCF1807Name: Marvin M.

Age: 7 months

Breed: Lab mix

Daycare buddies: Ruin, Ralphie, and Honey

Fun Fact: When asked who Marvin likes to play with, one pack leader responded with, “Who DOESN’T he like to play with?!” – Marvin is a fun-loving guy with lots of buddies! Way to go, you social butterfly! :)