Ferndale Dog Of The Day, Jackson R.

DSCF7480Name: Jackson R

Breed: Ridgeback Mix

Age: 3 years old!

Daycare Buddies: Birthday boy Oscar, Stanley, Reesie, Harley

Fun fact: Jackson is so silly and so sweet all the time! He loves to bounce around opening and closing all the kennel doors and thinks it’s the funniest thing to lock his friends in the kennels for the handlers to go let out. Jackson also has a wonderful sweet loving side and loves all the affection he can get. We <3 this guy

Ferndale Dog Of The Day, PAPO!

IMG_7127Name: Papo

Breed: little tiny baby pom.

Age: 5 months

Daycare Buddies: Tokyo (his BFF) all of the desk staff and handlers!

Fun Fact: Sweet baby Papo is probably one of the smallest babies we’ve ever had. He is a sweet angel that loves to hangout at the desk for some snuggle time with the staff and he loves to bounce around with his best friend in the whole world, Tokyo. Everyone here loves this little guy way too much <3

Ferndale Dogs of the Day, Teddy & Bear!

20160416_111427Names: Teddy and Bear

Age: 3 years old

Breed: Newfoundland

Daycare Buddies: Sophie, Molly, Winston

Fun Fact: Teddy and Bear don’t visit us often, but they had the best day today! They both play well, and impressed the handlers with their great behavior today. Our handlers commented on how mugh their listening has improved, and that they’re a joy to work with.

Ferndale Dog of the Day, Luna G!

DSCF1770Name: Luna G.

Breed: Miniature Bull Terrier

Age: 6 months

Daycare Buddies: Coach, Luke

Fun Fact: Luna is a sweet girl who gets along with anyone, regardless of size. She’s got a great personality and is, simply put, one of our cutest. We’re so happy she joined our pack!

Now Seeking Facility Manager For Growing Midtown Business

Chiring_doganine To Five, a bustling dog daycare, boarding and grooming facility, located in the heart of Detroit’s Midtown, is now hiring a full time Facility Manager.  This is a salaried position with full benefits.

Please email resume as a PDF to ronc1022@gmail.com and give a brief summary of your management experience.

Job Title:  Facility Manager
Reports to: Owner

Position Summary
The Facility Manager creates value by providing daily, on-site management, leadership and control over the entire Facility and its performance.  Responsibilities include a) the care, safety, health and well-being of the dogs, b) customer relations and retention and new-customer generation, c) the selection, training, development of employees, along with ensuring quality and quantity performance expectations are constantly being met, d) achieving assigned performance goals for revenue generation and expense management, e) ensuring operation excellence—that all policies, procedures and protocols are being followed, and constantly looking for opportunities to improve them,  f) facility management and maintenance, and g) administrative functions such as scheduling, processing payroll and ordering supplies.

As a key leader at Canine-To-Five, the Facility Manager is expected to model and enforce Company policies, procedures and Values, and to make independent, real-time decisions that are in the best interests of the Company.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

  • Ensure the appropriate care, management and oversight of the dogs in your facility. Communicate, monitor and reinforce the established policies, procedures and protocols in place for this purpose, and monitor and, as necessary, modify the performance of those employees charged with interacting with, and affecting, the successful management of the dogs.
  • Ensure that employees are aware of and following all safety protocols at all times.
  • Evaluate, make decisions about, and take appropriate actions regarding dog behavior and safety.
  • Follow established protocols and use common sense in response to emergency situations.
  • Provide information and feedback to customers regarding dog behavior, issues needs and concerns.
  • Establish clear and consistent performance and behavioral expectations for all employees under your charge.
  • Communicate clear expectations regarding all company policies, procedures and protocols, ensuring that they are being met in such a way and with such regularity as to establish and maintain “operational excellence.”
  • Constantly seek ways to improve any and all facets of the operation, offering insights and recommendations frequently.
  • Determine the appropriate scheduling and deployment of employees throughout the facility based on needs and skills, adjusting as necessary based on changing circumstances.
  • Assign daily tasks to employees, ensuring timely and successful completion of all tasks.
  • Monitor employee performance and provide feedback (positive reinforcement and corrections).
  • Train new and experienced employees in an effort to constantly improve knowledge and skills.
  • Resolve employee concerns whenever possible, doing so within the guidelines of the Company.
  • Lead the evaluation and decision-making regarding the hiring of new employees and ensure the appropriate onboarding and training of all new-hires.
  • Foster a positive, team-oriented, ‘can do’ atmosphere of performance based on expectations, results and accountability.
  • Ensure that all employees are following CTFs customer service values.
  • Achieve or surpass established goals for revenue generation, customer acquisition and retention, add-on sales and promotions and expense control.
  • Create and sustain long-term relationships with customers, modeling for your staff a level of excellence in customer relations.
  • Ensure the appropriate appearance and necessary maintenance of the facility. Interact with vendors as necessary.
  • Process payroll for your facility.
  • Order supplies within guidelines for purchasing approval.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Misc. Expectations

  • While this position primarily works Monday – Friday morning shifts, the Facility Manager is expected to work a certain number of afternoon/evening/weekend shifts in order to be informed about, and monitor, the performance and issues related to those shifts. Working some holidays is also an expectation.
  • The Facility Manager will be expected to go through the Onboarding process for the Pack Leader position in order to fully understand this critical role.
  • There is an expectation that the Facility Manager will, on a weekly basis, work in the Play Room and at the Desk in order to best understand and monitor those roles and environments.

Required Competencies

  • A passion for dogs.
  • A positive, “Can-do!” attitude.
  • Super friendly and outgoing…a real ‘people person.’
  • Teamwork—in belief and in practice.
  • The desire to lead and manage people, working to make individuals and teams stronger.
  • A customer-centric, servant-leader mindset.
  • Energized by a fast-paced environment that requires flexibility and adaptability.
  • Reliable and results-driven.
  • Comfortable and successful managing multiple priorities.
  • Ability to make informed, solid decisions, sometimes very quickly.
  • Self-confidence.
  • Calm under pressure.


  • 3+ years of experience directly managing a team of subordinates is required, along with the ability to demonstrate the skills associated with both management and leadership.
  • Experience in a customer service/sales environment is strongly preferred.
  • Experience working with animals, especially dogs, and/or having acquired knowledge of animal/dog behavior is not required, but is most certainly valued.
  • Experience and comfort with an environment of high personal accountability driven by goals/deadlines/clear deliverables.
  • General knowledge of how a business functions, including some knowledge of the financial aspects of a busy as they relate to managing a facility/store/office/etc.
  • Strong computer skills.
  • Great attention to details.

Physical Requirements

  • Ability to be on ones feet for 8 hours at a stretch.
  • Ability to lift up to 50 pounds.
  • Ability to move/run/react quickly when circumstances require it.

Canine To Five Core Values:  It is expected that the Facility Manager will embrace and model these Values.

  • We Care.
  • We Are Flexible.
  • We Are Safe.
  • We Are Appreciative.
  • We Are Ambitious.

Ferndale Dog of the Day, Kiley!

IMG_7059IMG_7057Name: Kiley L.

Breed: Terrier/Corgi mix

Age: 3 years

Daycare Buddies: Atlas, Griffin

Fun Fact: This girl has got it going on. Kiley is super cool, sweet, and loves everyone. She plays well with everyone, and gives the best kisses. Thanks for being a great member of the pack, Kiley!