The Pup Cup – Canine To Five Detroit vs. Canine To Five Ferndale

the pup cupOur staff’s dog handling skills are second-to-none. And they’ll have a chance to prove it at the inaugural PUP CUP!
Through July, Canine to Five staffers from both Ferndale and Detroit will compete to see which staff team can demonstrate stronger dog handling skills.
In Detroit, the original, we’ve got the Ruff Riders and the Alpha Dogs. The upstart Ferndale is fielding the Underdogs and The Pit Crew. Which team will reign supreme? They’ll be competing in Group Sits, Recall and Gate Boundaries.
We will be sharing the results each week and the Metro Detroit Pup Cup Champion will be announced the week of August 3.
Why do we compete — other than for eternal glory? We aim to keep our handlers engaged, to keep their skills sharp and to solidify our place as the most well run pet care facilities in Metro Detroit, with the most well-trained staff and the most control over the dogs in our care. 

Stay tuned for updates and the eventual crowning of the Top Dog!