Detroit Dog of the Day, Molly!

22225367185_f3581aa13f_oName: Molly S
Age: 9
Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Daycare Buddies: Lucy, Max and all the handlers (because we just love her so much)!
Fun Fact: Molly is probably the best dancer here at Canine to Five. She wiggles her booty real fast and impresses us all!

Ferndale Dog of the Day — Stoli G.

DSCF2879DSCF2796Name:Stoli G.

Age: 8 months

Breed: Rottweiler

Daycare Buddies: Chewy, Max, Tito, Everyone!!

Fun Fact: Stoli is a total <3 sweetheart <3 that loves every dog ever! He has so many friends — he’s down to play with anyone who is game for a good time! He is so cute, we love his big block head : D

Ferndale Dog of the Day, Marston!

IMG_3617Name:  Marston

Breed:  Lab/Shep Mix

Age: 1 year old

Daycare Buddies:  Maddux, Stella C., Prince, all of the Boxers : )

Fun Facts: He is one of our most balanced dogs. He loves to play with everyone and has a way of getting dogs to open up to him and play. If your dog is shy Marston is going to be the one to get them to open up!! He’s an awesome boy and we love the morning stretches he does when his parents hand our runner Alyssa his leash and his adorable howl when we ask him to sit!

Detroit Dog of the Day, Totem!

totemName: Totem

Age: 1 year

Breed: Pug mix

Daycare Buddies: Blue (they’re almost twins!), Pete, Noodle and Bagley

Fun Fact: Although this cutie-patootie has lots of friends, she and pack leader Nicole are the BEST of friends! Totem can’t get enough of Nicole (and the feeling is mutual!) :)

Ferndale Dog Of The Day, Hugo!

Name: Hugo

Age:3 years


Daycare Buddies: Cheef, Jimmy and Jake

Fun Fact: Hugo is full of energy which gets him in trouble, but today he proved that hard work and dedication pays off! He spent the entire morning working closely with our handler Nehkole, and he showed her what a great listener he can be. Great job, Hugo!!