Ferndale Dog Of The Day, Nahla!

nahlaName: Nahla

Breed: German Shot-haired Pointer

Age: 2 years

Daycare Buddies: woody, willow, jake h, and bacardi

Fun Fact: Nahla has grown up so much since she first started coming to Canine To Five. We are so proud of the lovely lady she has become. She is such a good girl and plays so nicely with ALL of the other dogs and handlers.

Ferndale Dog Of The Day is Oscar!

DSCF8111DSCF8119Name: Oscar S.

Age: 2 years

Breed:  Mastiff Mix

Daycare Buddies:  Bear, DaVinci, and Hendrix.

Fun Fact:  Oscar has such a blast in daycare! He is very energetic and playful. His very favorite things to do in daycare is play in the pool and sprinkler.  He just can’t get enough of playing in water.

Ferndale Dog Of The Day is Samantha!

DSCF7300Name: Samantha

Breed: Australian Shepard Mix

Age:  9 years

Daycare Buddies: The handlers, Lucy, and Kiley.

Fun Fact:  Samantha is a distinguished mature lady. She gets along with everyone in the pack, and is always well manured and is a great listener. We love having her here at daycare!

Ferndale Dog Of The Day is Nemo!

20150723_153811(0)Name: Nemo

Breed: Black Lab

Age: 4 months

Daycare Buddies: Brooklyn, Orbach, and Teddy.

Fun Fact:  Nemo is a very sweet puppy! He is doing really good at not barking as much as he use to when he first started and he is doing so well with sit and wait commands. He absolutely loves playing with bubbles!

Ferndale Dog Of The Day is Charlie K!

19705666998_2733c1328a_zName: Charlie K

Age: 5 months

Breed: Mini Australian Shepherd

Daycare Buddies:  Nola, Douglas, and Piper.

Fun Fact:  Charlie is a very energetic puppy. He is pint sized but has all the instincts of a full-sized shepherding dog. He loves to run around the playroom with his friends and play outside.

Detroit Dog of the Day, Ares!

DSCF9219Name: Ares

Breed: Husky

Age: 4 years

Daycare Buddies: Chloe, Hunter and Lexi

Fun Fact: This cold-weather-preferring dude loves to chill out in front of the fan – on his back! He doesn’t complain about the belly rubs from pack leaders as they go by :)