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Detroit Dog Of The Day, Hamilton!

  Name: Hamilton

Age: 10 whole months old!

Breed: English Bulldog

Daycare Buddies: His super special BFF, Harvey

Fun Fact: Look at that cute smoosh face! Hamilton is such a handsome young man. Watching him and his BFF Harvey play together is the cutest thing ever. They’re like brothers, THEY RUN THIS PACK 😉

Ferndale Dogs of the Day, Cloe & Jolene!

Names: Cloe and Jolene

Ages: Cloe is 6 and Jolene is 1.5 years old

Breed: Bernese Mountain Dogs

Daycare buddies: Each other of course! They also love Millie and Jack!

Fun facts: Cloe and Jolene are 2 beautiful sisters! Cloe loves to get her butt scratched and Jolene loves it when you sing Jolene by Dolly Parton to her. They both just love attention, and we love giving it to them!